Can I buy a car with bad credit, or no credit?

If you have bad credit, or good credit, and are looking to apply for an auto loan, we only have GOOD news for you!

ALL credits are approved at Pristine. Yes, you read that right, we can get you approved regardless of your credit. We work with over 20 different banks to make it happen, regardless of your credit score. And we take pride in helping you! We believe everyone should be able to buy a car, regardless of their credit history, or credit score. This is the reason why we’ve secured partnerships with over a dozen credit unions and banks, to better serve the needs of our customers and get them in the car they want, with the deal they want. 

Even if you have a Chapter 11 or Chapter 14 bankruptcy, we still welcome you to get preapproved. 

Inquire with us for more information on how we can get you approved.